Saturday, January 8, 2010

I remember John F. Kennedy’s assassination…  Martin Luther King’s….  Robert Kennedy’s…  I remember the Texas Tower shooter, the Stockton McDonald’s shooter…  And of course, Columbine and Virginia Tech…  This gun violence is a demented coda to the chorus of American Freedoms…  People forgetting, in their dementedness, that there goes responsiblity along with the Freedom.  One cannot believe the Founding Fathers intended “the right to bear arms” as carte blanche for shooting people–especially when, in that day, people used guns to hunt for the evening meal.

Sadly, bombast has replaced political rhetoric; bombast without time for quiet reflection.  While we are all expected to have political conviction, and hold on to those convictions, we are also expected to learn at some point to disagree without being disagreeable; to dissent without dissension; to agree to disagree.

But the demented do not share that level of rational discourse, that’s the whole point of being demented…  No one needs to own a gun.  I have heard too many stories of children being killed, of innocent parties being killed.  Too many stories of murder in the streets and innocent bystanders dying…  We all have those moments when we really do believe that cliché “I coulda killed him…”  That is a real heart-felt place, someone has earned that level of wrath; but we would prefer not to kill anyone,  so we pause, and wait, and calm down with  distance of time and place.  Regrettably, the demented cannot summon that level of logic…

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I have moral right to publish these documents, since I wrote them. They are original translations with commentary, or original comment on works of literature that were produced by my hand solely. Steven Torrey
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