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October 27


Today, 10-27-10, I downloaded four documents I had produced over the years.
1–“A Mind of Winter, Essays 2007” is a series of essays I produced over the course of the years sometime between 2000 and 2005.  These also included excerpts from my book, The Diaclectic of Interpretation:  An Essay on Consequence.  Chapter VII, page 81 “The Sonnets of Shakespeare:  The Work of Metaphor as Mask, Inclusion, and Meeting” asserts that Shakespeare’s Sonnets are a mourning sequence for the death of his 11 year old twin son to twin daughter Judith.  This essay was orginally produced in 1995 and revised in 2005, I think.  This essay is Chapter 3 of the larger work:  THE DIALECTIC OF INTERPRETAION:  AN ESSAY ON CONSEQUENCCE.
2–“Seek Not for Answers:  PROMETHEUS” is an introductory essay to my Greek to English translation of Aeschylus’ PROMETHEUS.
3–“A Greek to English Translation of Aeschylus’ PROMETHEUS.”  This is an interlinear translation of Greek-English; I typed in the Greek including diacritical markings with an interlinear English translation–almost a word for word translation.  There are accompanying definitions of words, including accidence , as well as comment where needed.  While I do not pretend to orginality, I made the effort to increase my knowledge of Greek vocabulary and grammar.
4–A Power Point  of Ancient Greek Participle :  Forms and Syntax.
I expect in another few days to add the concluding chapter to THE DIATLECTIC OF INTERPRETATION, as soon as I proof read and make corrections.  The work was begun on an orginal MAC, and then with the Windows XP Word 2000, then converted to Word 2003, then to Word 2007 when I bought this new computer this past July.  But with every change, The Greek material was lost and has to be retyped, no small effort considering the amount of work I had done and considering that every diacritical mark has to be replaced and re-inserted.
I had begun my study of Hebrew almost fifteen years ago and almost 12 years ago at Berkeley’s Lehrhaus Judaica.  Of course, they, or fellow students, are not responsible for any of the content.  I audited  Hellenic Greek classes at San Francisco State Univeristy, to which I owe profound gratitude for allowing my presence in their class.  Lehrhaus Biblical Hebrew class examines the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin text so these ancient languages become a living experience:  in modern parlance–in the zone.
The picture is not included for vanity but to provide evidence that I am the sole author of these works; in a day and age of internet hoax etc, and identity theft, this photo asserts my identity and my right to publish these works on line. 
Steven Torrey

About steventorrey

I have moral right to publish these documents, since I wrote them. They are original translations with commentary, or original comment on works of literature that were produced by my hand solely. Steven Torrey
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