Hebrew נפשׁ {nephesh}

Hebrew נפשׁ {nephesh}

            and Masoretic Text Psalm 69:2  — A question of impotence?


From Hebrew Psalm 69:2:  “Save me, o God, for the waters have come
into my soul.”  What is so complicated about translating the Hebrew word
נפשׁ {nephesh} as soul?  There is no way, no how, that נפשׁ {nephesh}
can be translated as neck, throat, lips, or mouth.


That so many modern texts have chosen to mistranslate נפשׁ {nephesh}
suggests an anti-metaphysical reading of the Hebrew text. 
A disguised anti-Semitism?


So many people in America sleep out of doors for no other reason than a lack of sufficient wit to fill out an application for subsidized Section 8 Housing and not for gross incompetence or drug addiction or release from a prison.
The mistranslation suggests a profound cynicism worthy of the Enron
Corporation or the Pelican Bay Prison inmate.  And one wonders if the bishop –pick a bishop, any bishop–is so morally bankrupt as to tolerate this mis-translation.


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I have moral right to publish these documents, since I wrote them. They are original translations with commentary, or original comment on works of literature that were produced by my hand solely. Steven Torrey
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