Steven                Literary critic Northrup Frye created the construct of


Literary critic Northrup Frye created the construct of demonic parody–that is to say–evil had taken over the force of the symbol.  Case in point:  the South using the song, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” as a defense of slavery–when clearly, the intent of Julia Ward Howe’s lyrics was to trust that God’s TRANSCENDENT truth was marching on AGAINST slavery.  The South never got that memo apparently:  “As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men FREE, our God is marching on,”  The NRA gun nut psychos now wrap themselves in the flag and claim to be true patriots defending the ‘original intent’ of the founding fathers to use the 2nd Amendment to warrant and justify armed insurrection against a tyrannical–in their view–Washington, DC.  While a new nation would be justifiably concerned for a new tyranny–Aaron Burr would have caused concern–the point of the Constitution is to use law, legislative process, democratic elections, Supreme Court decisions to implement orderly change.  Like the South, like the NRA gun nut psychos, like the Nazi State–these people engage in a demonic parody of discourse, of politics, of government, of reason, of patriotism.  They have given their souls over to the devil.

(I wrote this and posted it as a Yahoo comment in response to an article by Joe Conasan (July 4, 2013):  “For July 4, Remembering Why the Right Doesn’t Own The Stars and Stripes.”)


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I have moral right to publish these documents, since I wrote them. They are original translations with commentary, or original comment on works of literature that were produced by my hand solely. Steven Torrey
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